Friday, February 27, 2009

Ryan and the Boys

We spent Mardi Gras day relaxing along the lake, on the LSU campus. I tried to give my camera to Ryan to take a picture of me with the boys but it didn't come out that good.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

State Wrestling Tournament...

I've been neglecting my blog most of ya'll know that Logen is the Division III, 130 lb. State Champion. He has been in every news paper from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and then Lafayette and probably more, those or the ones I have received confirmation from. He went into this competition un-seeded, and left the competition as the #1 spot in Louisiana. It is very rare for that to happen to a freshmen much less a freshman with a bad record. His coach said, " he had his Cinderella Moment."
Here are a few pics from that night. I wasn't able to get to many good shots...I was stuck in the stands.
Logen is the one in solid red singlet with red and white shoes....
Logen is the one on the bottom... with the fight in his eyes.

I don't think he had realized he had won at this moment, I think he thought that the ref. said that they had to go another round. He had told Logen to get back in the center for the hand raise and Logen took it as one more round. I asked him after about it because when we looked at the video he made a jester like oh no and that is what he said, he had misunderstund and didn't have the energy to go another round.

Once he came back into the stands he hugged Ryan and I and then up came his friend Cody. Those two have been wrestling together for 4 years now. Cody was two rows in front of use and he was fighting in the stands along with him. He was just as wore out as Logen once it was over. It was a great moment....

After State...

It was over and the boys were allowed to eat whatever junk they wanted. The bus detoured into a Shell Station in was the first exit that had junk food. Logen didn't do too bad, I think his bill was $15 or so... some boys spent more than $30 on junk.
Our boys were invited to ride in the Addis Mardi Gras Parade by the Brusly Fire Dept. Not many showed up because they were probably still sleeping. We got back from New Orleans around 1:30 am or so and they had to line-up for the parade at 9:30 am that same morning. This is a great accomplishment and these boys need to be recognized for all there hard work.

Potty Time

We did a little grocery shopping yesterday at Wal-mart and when I went to get some more diapers Cort saw a potty. We had been saying we were going to get one we just kinda put it off, after all he is the last one so we are trying to keep him a baby as long as possible. But he insisted he get I did. When we got home I unloaded the grocery and put the potty on the snack bar. He ripped it open with the help from Braeden and took off his pants and diaper and sat on the potty. Then he played with the potty...needless to say he has not done his business in the potty yet but at least he wanted it and knew what it was for. Last night he sat on the potty for about 20 minutes while he watched TV...then got up and pottied on the side of it. I call that progress!